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Griz didn’t make it into class the next morning, he didn’t mind, nobody turns up on the first day. Angel didn’t go in either, they decided to chill out on the couch for the day.

"Hey, sorry if I woke you up singing last night. I can’t remember much."

"I hadn’t gone to sleep yet it’s ok. Azala told me you got given out to."

"Oh yeh I remembered that. That girl is so strange isn’t she? She’s so weird with her granny nightgown. She never smiles or has fun. Like last night she stayed home and went to bed at half 9. So weird, who does that in college?"

"I’m sure she’s nice Griz, you did wake her up at 4am, very few people are nice when they’re woken up at that time."

"Something about her just annoys me though, I don’t know what it is. She doesn’t fit with the party house we have."

"Hmm. I think the man doth protest too much." 


"I’m going to kill you." 

"Ahaha, your face ahahahaha. Look what I found, isn’t it cool, it’s so much fun. Oooh, I’m gona sing." 

"Don’t sing, it’s 4am." 


"Griz, the others are going to kill you, go to bed." 


"Do you have ANY idea what time it is? Shut up, go to bed. You woke me up with your screaming." 

"B-but it’s party time." 

"It’s bed time, go to bed, classes start tomorrow.If I hear you again tonight I’ll shove that stupid megaphone up your ass."

Griz and Greg found out about a party in another dorm. Griz  and the girls went straight there, he didn’t need to change or do his hair or any of that crap Greg seemed to need to do.

On his way out Greg bumped into a random housemate of his.

"Hey, nice to meet you roomie."

"Hello. Nice to meet you too. I’m Gabi."


"I’m studying science, what are you studying?"

" Eh, phys ed I think, I can’t remember what I chose in the end haha. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow."

"How can you not.. eh nevermind, ha, I’m sure you’ll figure it out."

"Ha, yeh it’ll be fine. So some of us are heading to this party across the campus, don’t think it’s anything fancy, just a few drinks and hanging out, get to know some people. Wana come?"

"It’s half 9, I have to be up early tomorrow so I think I’ll just head to bed. Thanks though, maybe another time."

"Ok cool. 

Griz was checking out the cool clubs at the sports table when he noticed the girl at the study table. He didn’t often see other green people with similar coloured hair. He wondered if she was an Aktranack like he was. He’d never met somebody the same race as him before.

On closer inspection he noticed she had no stars on her face. She was obviously just a boring green sim, nothing special about her. There was no need for him to talk to her, especially seeing as she was checking out the study groups rather than the surfing club. 

It wasn’t long before the other housemates started arriving. They all seemed like a lot of fun. This house was nice, big enough to have loads of parties. He settled into his room and then decided to head to the student’s union with Greg to see if there were any cool parties happening. 

Ah well, no time to think too much about Mary now, it was time to go. Four whole years of parties and girls. He’d earn a piece of paper that allowed him to get a job that involved parties and girls. Hopefully he’d be one of the first people to arrive at the dorm so he could make sure he got the best party room. 

"You know it’s for the best right? We’re both going away to college, won’t be home much, it just makes sense."

"Yeh that’s true. Seems like the smarter plan. Well see ya, have fun in college." 


Griz watched Mary leave his porch. He’d probably never see her again. He should feel sad, he should care but he didn’t. It was weird, most people remember their high school sweethearts with fondness but for him he was just meh. 

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